Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For you C.S. Lewis Fans Out There

I read an interesting article in Dark Fantasy today. There is a man called George MacDonald, who I have never heard of, but am now quite curious about.

I'm not sure that the author talking about his own faith was really necessary. Faith is such a personal thing. Also, Mr. Lee did not differentiate between predestination--God destined certain people for heaven. And double predestination--God predestined some people for heaven and some people for hell. (No offense, but there is a difference, even if it doesn't seem to make sense).

On the other hand, this article has made me very curious about George MacDonald. I now am hoping that I can find some of his works to look at.

I especially like this paragraph: But here is the difference between MacDonald and Grimm: when boys and girls go into Grimm’s woods, they emerge victorious over some monster, terrified into some life lesson, or they do not emerge at all. When they go into MacDonald’s woods, they come out the other side gentler, stronger men and women.

I hope as I journey through life, I will find myself becoming a gentler but stronger person.

I just realized that MacDonald wrote The Princess and the Goblin. Huh, that is a classic.
I've just reserved Lilith and Phantasies from the library, and hopefully it will come in soon. Not that I don't have other books to read.

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